A2 Hosting performance and support | best hosting

A2 Hosting performance and support | best hosting

A2 Hosting performance

the performance

A2 Hosting performance and support | best hosting

The A2 stability tool leaves no room for complaint
A2 Hosting offers above-average download speeds and readiness, but can it 
compete with big-name hosting services?

A2 99.9% ready availability guarantee backed by a credit system. For every hour downtime, the first 0.1%, you get 5% of your monthly payments, until your full money back.

Although some users have reported crashes in the past, readiness is still above 99.5% during those months of problems. Since then, the service has become more streamlined.

I put my WordPress site to the Sucuri page speed test and got an A rating, while A + is the highest score. After reading all the promises on the A2 site, I was a little disappointed, and I will never again, I didn't use the Turbo Super Speed ​​Pack.

The average download time was 0.784 seconds, still less than a second, so I can't complain. The results were impressive in North America, and Dallas achieved a time of only 0.217 seconds (with a Michigan data center selection).

Most hosting services do poorly in Brazil, but I feel that A2 might be better in Europe, Singapore and Australia.

the support

A2 Hosting performance and support | best hosting

Is the Support Team really effective?
A2 offers 24/7 phone support, live chat, and support ticket system, every day of the year.

When you need a little help, you can contact the A2 support team via chat, email, support ticket system, phone, or even Skype.

It's great to see a hosting service that provides 24/7 phone support. For some countries, such as the United States, Australia, Colombia, India, and others, there are local numbers that you can call

 (you can find them on the "Global Support" page). From other countries, you will still have to call the British number.

If you are the kind to love yourself, A2 offers a huge knowledge base. However, there are no explanatory videos, and some articles can be very complex.

It is a good idea to have all of these support channels available. But overall, I felt the actual support might be better.

Live chat

A2 Hosting performance and support | best hosting

When I got in the live chat, I was on the 10th in the class, and it took me 32 minutes to arrive. This is a long time, compared to other services, which makes me wonder about A2 support resources.

The good news is that once I contacted the support agent, he was very caring and cooperative, and he quickly replied.

A2 Hosting performance and support | best hosting

But they will often send you a link to a document instead of providing a response or completing the assignment on your behalf.

Email support/support tickets

A2 Hosting performance and support | best hosting

With regard to support via the support ticket system, it is not much different. The average response time was about an hour, and it is not bad at all.

As you can see, they often also direct you to relevant documents rather than providing a personalized response to you.


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