Frequently asked questions about choosing the best hosting | best hosting

Frequently asked questions about choosing the best hosting | best hosting

Frequently asked questions about 

choosing the best hosting

The most common questions among users about the best hosting in one place with a detailed answer to each question

What is the best web hosting?

Frequently asked questions about choosing the best hosting | best hosting

The best foreign hosting for me is where the most important 5 elements are available: speed, the stability of hosting, constant updating of add-ons and servers, customer service around the clock, and to be friendly to search engines. Your priorities may be different from mine. Therefore, I have 

compiled the top 10 foreign hosting companies that more than 80% of website owners depend on and put them in a list and one to choose the best one for you according to the features of each hosting.

Is purchasing hosting from one company and

 the domain from another company harmful?

Frequently asked questions about choosing the best hosting | best hosting

Of course not .. there is no relationship that affects the work of the site if the domain is from one company and hosting the sites from another company. The condition of connecting the domain to the hosting properly and not changing the settings or messing with them without knowing.

Is buying a foreign hosting better than Arab hosting?

Frequently asked questions about choosing the best hosting | best hosting

For me, currently buying foreign hosting is much better than dealing with Arab hosting companies, because:

  • Foreign hosting companies have a private data center that is able to work without interruption.
  • Foreign hosting companies provide customer service through the chat throughout the year 24/7.
  • • Foreign hosting sites have innovative solutions and provide distinctive additions to website owners.
  • Unfortunately, some Arab web hosting companies still lack many important features provided by foreign web hosting sites, especially by mentioning here the top 10 hosting companies I mentioned in the list.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is one of the best and fastest types of web hosting in the new generation, which depends on VPS servers distributed in more than one data center around the world. This increases the speed of data transfer for the user from the nearest data center of his country.

What are the best types of web hosting?

  • The best types of hosting depending on the type of the main server, and the arrangement of the types of servers in the networks comes in terms of the best for the worst, as follows:
  • Dedicated Server
  • Cloud Server
  • Server in VPS Server
  • Shared Server
  • Note that there are hosting companies that provide a common server and work on organizing it well to provide the best customer service.

How do I pay for foreign web hosting companies?

You can pay to any foreign hosting company through any credit card (Visa-Master Card) that accepts electronic transactions, you can review your bank on the possibility of purchasing online through the 

card available with you or not or request the issuance of a card for electronic transactions and the period of issuance from 1 or 3 days to 5 working days, depending on the type of bank.

If you are from Egypt, you can pay through Vodafone Cash, issue a Visa number, ship it with the required amount, then pay through it.

Or you can pay through an account with Paypal Bank or any other electronic bank, provided that the hosting company announces the activation of this feature and accepts payment through Paypal.

Which is better, shared hosting or cloud hosting?

Of course, cloud hosting is better than shared hosting, but cloud hosting is much more expensive than other web hosting types.

Do you support the top 10 Arab hosting companies?

Any foreign hosting company provides a Cpanel control panel so make sure it supports the Arabic language 100%

What is the best booking time for hosting companies?

Some companies offer a big discount that you can only get if you buy web hosting for more than a year. If choosing from the list of best hosting is above, it is better for you to buy for a period of no less than two or 3 years, depending on the available budget, so you can avoid the high renewal price.

Is the domain free for life?

Some of the best web hosting companies provide free domain when purchasing hosting and the domain is not free for life but it is renewed every year with the hosting plan.

What is the perfect choice for a WordPress site?

If you use a WordPress site, of course, it is best for you to choose a fast and reliable WordPress hosting that is dedicated to hosting a WordPress script, as it provides the best performance, protection, and speed over regular hosting.


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