The disadvantages of hosting Godaddy | best hosting

The disadvantages of hosting Godaddy | best hosting

The disadvantages of hosting Godaddy

We mentioned above the huge number of customers with Godaddy, and despite the advantages that Godaddy offers, there is another aspect that must be clarified.

Having more than 18 million customers is a beautiful thing, but this is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. Godaddy technical support services are not among the best 

companies, we have tried them more than once, there are companies that help you, and there are companies that provide you with support services similar to paid professional services.

For example, iPage and Godaddy are of the first type, but A2Hosting or FastComet will feel that the support employee is specialized and has fewer details that you will find when others help you as if he is physically located. , And super fast.

Somewhat improved level of support

We mentioned that Godaddy has all kinds of hosting and all the categories that you need, but what defects them is the price, when the company is the No. 1 globally in the fame in this field, many wills

 buy from you only for your name, and this is what Godaddy does because the prices of its services are not competitive in many offers, Especially for shared hosting, the economic type that we 

mentioned above offers it for $ 5.99 per month and $ 7.99 upon renewal, and at this price, you can get higher hosting categories and better features for others.

Free hosting and domain for $ 1

For clarification and credibility: Godaddy has a special offer that offers you free hosting and domain for $ 1 per month for basic hosting, but it is not directly announced on the site, so we rely on what is on the site in the evaluation if you want to learn to get Godaddy hosting with a $ 1 coupon per month, read this the article.

One of their flaws is also the renewal price, Godaddy is one of the companies that hold onto the customer for any value so that for years they were selling the domain for $ 1 for the first year 

(recently they raised it for $ 5), and this only to be able to get a large customer base they can Then sell them other products.

Hosting plans are sold for the first time for a somewhat reduced price, and the price rises at the end of the first period to purchase hosting, whether it is a year or more, as you see in this picture, the 

renewal price is in a small line under the declared price, for information, most companies follow this method, We noticed an exception for a few companies like InterServer, the renewal is always at the same purchase price.

The disadvantages of hosting Godaddy | best hosting

Whether you are subscribed to Godaddy or others, we recommend that you view our hosting renewal article at the best possible rate, it will surely benefit you.
Another point on Godaddy's website overall is the front of the site, they want to sell you everything! The site is full of paid services that they want you to buy!

One last point is that you can get lost while trying to reach what you want, such as managing domain information, for example! They changed their screen more than once, which causes some confusion for some customers, but with practice, you can get used to it, it is not an essential problem.


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