The drawbacks of hosting HostPapa | best hosting

The drawbacks of hosting HostPapa | best hosting

The drawbacks of hosting HostPapa

Despite the advantages of HostPapa that we mentioned, there are some defects, like any other hosting company, but the defects differ from one company to another according to the degree of defects and their impact on the site. in detail

Average HostPapa speed is not good

The drawbacks of hosting HostPapa | best hosting

Through some experiments conducted on hosting the HostPapa, the page load time reached between 1358 milliseconds and 624 milliseconds, i.e. an average of 912 milliseconds, which means that it is 

less in speed than other hosting companies and this may lead to a lot of traffic lost to your site and thus decrease Watch Your pages, sales volume, and customer satisfaction

The high costs of hosting renewal

The drawbacks of hosting HostPapa | best hosting

When making the decision to purchase a HostPapa hosting, you will pay a monthly cost of $ 3.95 if you purchase for 3 years, but if you want to buy hosting for one year or two years, the hosting cost 

per month will be $ 4.95 and when renewing the hosting, the price will reach $ 7.99 USD every month, an increase of up to 200% of the original cost

Fees for preparing your site

Most hosting sites prepare your site for free with a free 30-day money-back guarantee. But HostPapa charges you a setup fee of $ 29.95 if you request a 30-day refund, which means that the money-back guarantee is not free because the website setup is not free.

Conclusion We recommend that you purchase a HostPapa hosting

The drawbacks of hosting HostPapa | best hosting

After you become familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of hosting HostPapa, we recommend that you purchase HostPapa hosting if you want stable hosting. Provide a free Cpanel and

 domain control panel while securing your site or looking for hosting to transfer your site for free, if you care about the speed of your site, are considering the cost of renewing, or are looking for Hosting

 to try it 30 days and then ask for your money back, for sure it is not suitable for you and we advise you to purchase another hosting such as Bluehost hosting or Hostgator hosting

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