Follow the hostinger features (ease of use and creation of an account) | best hosting

Follow the hostinger features (ease of use and creation of an account) | best hosting

Follow the hostinger features

 (ease of use and creation of an account)

Ease of use

Being a website owner is not easy
Many features and options give you the ability to do what you want, but it will not be the case if it is not easily accessible and directly in use.
Fortunately, Hostinger has one of the best user experiences in the industry, and I think they do an amazing job of understanding customer needs and providing easy-to-use solutions. Creating an account and managing your hosting couldn't be easier.

Create a new account

The first step is the registration process. The packages are clearly stated, and you can compare the different packages and understand the differences easily. Add them to the cart, choose a payment term, then pay. Have any questions? Live chat support is available.

Connect to the domain and install WordPress

Follow the hostinger features (ease of use and creation of an account) | best hosting

Next is contacting the domain and installing the CMS you want. Hostinger provides all the necessary explanation videos, and support can help with any issues that may arise. You can find a detailed description of my Adventures in Connecting with and installing WordPress at Hostinger here.

Access email from anywhere in the world

Hostinger also offers email hosting and gives you the benefits of a person's email address. You can easily create additional addresses using the hPanel dashboard, premium packages and companies will get unlimited email addresses.

Other features include automatic replies, email routing, and automatic forwarding. The best part is access to email, which is available on all packages. It's good to know that I was still able to check my email after I went to Palm Island.

Another thing about hPanel

I've talked about hPanel before, but its ease of use is worth mentioning again. Hostinger merges all of its services into one dashboard, becoming one point of shopping for all your administrative needs.

I have previous experiences with hosting services where domain management is separate and requires a separate login. And some other services, the navigation is not intuitive, and it is impossible to find 

details of bills and payments and the option of support via chat were not available from the control panel itself.

With the hPanel dashboard, you don't need to waste time guessing or researching. You can easily access everything from the same page.

the performance

Great readiness, great speeds
We reached the performance point! And it's my favorite part of the reviews because we find out if the service is really good, or just good at promoting itself. There is no specific feature or elegant user 

interface to change two things of the utmost importance; Readiness and download speed.
Readiness is measured in percentage, where a rate of 100% means that the site is always available to access it. Because websites run on sophisticated servers and nothing is wrong, most hosting services 

target 99% availability. Good hosting services target a higher percentage. Great hosting services put a guarantee on that.

Hostinger offers a 99.9% availability guarantee. The service level agreement states that if the company fails to provide 99.9% readiness to the user, the user can recover 5% of his monthly fees.

I am also happy to say that tracking the sites hosted on the US and European data centers showed actual readiness over 99.9%.

Regarding the download speeds, I am sure that you have previously entered a long time downloading website. And I know what happens is that you press the Back button to search for another location.

My website was hosted on the Hostinger data center in Singapore, and the download time for Singapore was 0.013s </strong>. These stunning speeds ensure that visitors do not take long to load the site.

Hostinger operates data centers on four different continents, so you can choose the one closest to your target audience. You will get super-fast speeds and good global download power also from everywhere.


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