Godaddy company services | best hosting

Godaddy company services | best hosting

Godaddy company services

Everyone knows that Godaddy is highly specialized and known in the market as the largest site for domain reservation services and all types of web hosting, but what also Godaddy offers?

WordPress system services

 We do not mention here only WordPress hosting services, but there are services provided by the company (and some of them are free) related to tools that make it easy for WordPress programmers to control their sites using somewhat standardized Dashboards, updates and moderation operations for comments and management of templates Themes and others.

Website Builder

 Many hosting companies provide website builder services, which are tools that allow anyone without almost a technical background to create simple to medium-sized sites without the need for a programmer or the use of content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla, Godade 3 has plans according to your need of website builder, It starts at $ 5.99 per month.

SSL3 Image - SSL security certificates

Godaddy company services | best hosting

 We talked about it a lot in the article on security certificates and their importance, Godaddy is considered one of the largest companies in the world that supply security certificates to sites of all sizes. Godaddy provides all kinds of SSL certificates whether Domain Validated, Organization Validated, or Extended Validated. Prices vary according to the type of certificate, but In general, Godaddy prices are not the cheapest in the market in this area.

 Security services

 Such as Malware Checker, complete site backup services and servers, and more.

 Search engine optimization services

Godaddy company services | best hosting

 Not a great thing to offer, it is more like a Website Audit process than it follows the best SEO standards and they tell you what to do, many free programs like Screaming Frog offer this and more, without having to pay $ 7 per month.

Email Marketing

Perhaps you have heard before on behalf of MailChimp, the world’s most popular email marketing website, Emailaddy provides services similar to more than one category according to the size of the mailing list that you own, starting from 500 emails to 5,000 emails only, of course, the numbers are very few compared to the sites specializing in these Services, where sites like MailChimp or SendGrid allow emails for tens of millions.

Email services

There is no company that does not need an official email for its domain for correspondence and is very surprised when it communicates with a company of any size and finds that the official email that they use in their correspondence ends in Gmail or Hotmail and others. Godaddy provides specialized email services that end in the name of Dominic, with two types: an email provided From Jodadi themselves, or with Microsoft Office 365 services, prices are generally higher for them than for others.


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