Get to know Hostinger and mention some features | best hosting

Get to know Hostinger and mention some features | best hosting

Get to know Hostinger and mention some features

Amazing deal, or "get what you pay for"?

When hosting your site for a month costs you less than your morning coffee from Starbucks, do you really expect to get high speeds and good performance?

Well, it depends on several factors.
Hostinger does not look like any cheap service. It is a giant company, currently serving about 30 million customers worldwide. It has shared, cloud, VPS, and data center options on four different continents.

It all looks great, but the really cool thing is the very low prices.
If you are like me, you worry about these prices, you will be surprised and worried. In fact, you will definitely not want to stick to a cheap long-term package to find yourself stuck in a service with which it is difficult for you to update any data on your site.

So I decided to check with Hostinger and can it really provide good quality hosting at such a low price, or is it a service that “will get you what you pay for”?

And now, when I say good quality, I mean real quality. I don't want to sign up for a hosting service that doesn't meet my criteria for speed, performance, features, ease of use, and customer support.
Do not risk anything. Read on to find out if Hostinger is the right hosting service for you.

Hostinger features

Get to know Hostinger and mention some features | best hosting

Powerful features that give you ultimate control over Hostinger
Some web hosting services compel you to create a website that does the required work according to

 its own restrictions. These services make your thinking limited and your dreams small, to get the ultimate product as far away from what you were planning from the beginning.

Several years ago, that happened to me. I was tempted by a cheap hosting service, and after setting up my blog, I realized I discovered that the storage space is limited to 200MB and that the company does not offer email hosting. So I bought additional hosting and paid twice as much.

But Hostinger is just the opposite of these services. Instead of restricting you, it gives you the resources needed for any image in your imagination.

With Hostinger, you will enjoy an excellent mixture of ease of use and advanced features. If this is your first time hosting a website, don't worry, Hostinger takes on the most daunting tasks for you. 

You can use the Install Properties Wizard with one click to get your new blog in seconds, and corporate servers are specially optimized for WordPress.

If you have some experience in developing websites, you will greatly appreciate the many additional features offered by the platform. These include integration with CloudFlare CDN, daily and weekly website backup, and website caching to speed up download times for visitors.

Hosting packages are divided into shared, cloud, and VPS, and each package offers six slightly different features and options. Therefore, it is important to define your needs and choose accordingly.

 Small to medium sites, be it personal blogs or local company pages, will be very good with shared hosting packages.

Global brand e-stores and large companies will need custom options that include custom backups and restore points, scalable environments, development frameworks, and many more.

Those advanced needs can usually be met by VPS hosting or dedicated servers. And because it doesn't offer dedicated servers, Hostinger offers an impressive array of VPS configurations to choose from.


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