How to buy free hosting and domain name from HostGator? | best hosting

How to buy free hosting and domain name from HostGator? | best hosting

How to buy free hosting and domain name from HostGator?

To purchase hosting and domain name, head to the HostPost host WordPress hosting page and click Select within the shared hosting plan that you want to buy as in the picture above. Choose any plan 

that suits you. The difference between the first and second plans. The number of sites you want to create. If you want to create only one site, choose The first plan will be very appropriate and affordable as well:

HostGator will now direct you to a series of steps that you will need to complete before you can purchase.

Create a new free domain name

How to buy free hosting and domain name from HostGator? | best hosting

The first step is to prepare your domain name, which is the permanent address of your website. For example, our domain name is With HostGator, you can either create a new 

domain or use a domain you own (which you previously purchased from a third-party domain registrar). HostGator gives you a free domain name for the first year, so we always recommend using the option to create a new domain to take advantage of this free gift:

Choosing the right domain name for your new site is not easy. So you should choose with care because you can not change later, so you have to buy a new domain name for about $ 10 if you like to change the site’s name, so be careful with the choice.

Once you have decided the domain name, write it in the box as shown in the image and then see if it is available and it is free in all plans year and above.

If your domain is not available, HostGator will provide a list of similar suggestions or a selection of different domain extensions that you can use as you can see in the previous image.

Enter the information as shown in the picture

and do not forget the username and number you choose

Fill in your details: name, email, address

and phone number. If you wish to pay by Paypal, choose it to the left of the image. You will find it if you want to pay for your card. Fill in the information, the card number, your name, the expiration date of the card, and the password behind the card.

Here are the first Hatchling plan rates

| --- | 12 months for a very convenient price $ 50 free domain SSL free security certificate
| --- | 24 months for an appropriate price also $ 88 free domain SSL free security certificate
| --- | 36 months for a suitable price also $ 104 free domain SSL free security certificate

 Remove the checkmark in the following options

How to buy free hosting and domain name from HostGator? | best hosting

 if you do not want to pay money for additional services, but if you want any service, put a checkmark and of course, every service whose price is written next to it for you is free to choose.

 The last stage

Then, agree to the HostGator terms and conditions, and if you are satisfied with all of the above information you entered, click Checkout Now.

HostGator will now process your payment, wait for seconds, and it will deduct the amount from your card, and then they will send the sample with the login information on the hosting.

If you do not want any other benefits to receiving the discount as described above, note: it is not necessary to remove all signs


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