Information you should know about HostGator | best hosting

Information you should know about HostGator | best hosting

Information you should know about HostGator

HostGator was founded in 2002 and has grown very quickly to become one of the largest hosting companies in the world, you can count on the tremendous growth of their wonderful plans in joint 

hosting, in addition to reliable hosting on the Internet and the quality of customer service.
Today they are headquartered in Houston, Texas, and host 8 million multiple domains. They have 

more than 850 employees who provide service and support to companies of all sizes around the clock.

HostGator performance

Information you should know about HostGator | best hosting

What would you do if you found that your website is painfully slow and often disappears? You definitely have to switch service providers and this will cost you more money and will bring you headaches.

 This is the main reason why you are looking for a fast and reliable hosting site with a stable performance record in all respects. But how do you get this information ?! We decided to check the performance of HostGator by running our tests, to see how it works.

Speed ​​test results

The most important performance indicator is speed, a fast website is useful for users, and it helps improve search engine performance.

Studies have confirmed that a second delay in downloading the site costs you 7%, 11% viewership, and 16% of user satisfaction. Study on site speed.

For the details of the HostGator review, we created a test site, to see how fast Host Gator was. Our test site was powered by WordPress using the default theme, we also imported fake content including

 images to develop the topic. After that, we used the Benjdoum website tool to speed up the test results. We find that the results of the tests give faster speeds than all the sites that were tested.

This is really cool, but? How will your site perform during rush hours? !! To test this we use a tool called Load Impact, which sends out visible users to the website, and the number of users on your site increases gradually, and their number may reach 100 at the same time.

HostGator Server latency

Information you should know about HostGator | best hosting

Your site’s content greatly affects the page’s loading speed, for example: If your site contains many images, this will increase the page loading time.

This affects the results of the server speed test, and when we wanted to test how quickly the Host Gateway server responds, we used a tool called Petcacha.

It works completely differently from the site speed test tools. Instead of downloading the content, it only tests the server's response time and runs the test three times from multiple sites spread around the world to get the average response time to the site.

Here's how HostGator performs these tests: -

Host Gateway results for testing server response time. The performance of the Host Gateway performance was really good. The server response time remained less than a second.

And in the United States, it was only 37 fps. Generally speaking, these results indicate that your site will load very quickly all over the world.


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