Follow the properties of Hostinger | best hosting

Follow the properties of Hostinger | best hosting

Follow the properties of Hostinger

The hPanel dashboard makes hosting management very easy
I've met a number of dashboards during my online trips, all aiming to provide the best user 

experience in terms of features. Strangely enough, I have never been privileged to use hPanel. I never heard of it. But it looks really familiar.

It turns out that Hostinger took cPanel, the standard hosting control panels in this area, and replaced c with the letters h. Very wicked.

In essence, it's similar to the same well-known cPanel dashboard, and anyone who has used it before will feel just that. It offers all the usual hosting features, although Hostinger has not yet renewed the technologies behind those features.

Like cPanel, the Hostinger dashboard allows you to easily install a content management system and set up your account information, email accounts and integrated features, domain and database configuration, files and permissions, and more.

One of the interesting things I found is that Hostinger displaces the computing load from the server into a computer infrastructure. I am happy to say that, compared to regular cPanel hosting, response times with CPanel have been significantly faster.

Generous allocation of resources gives you peace of mind

Follow the properties of Hostinger | best hosting

Your website will not only contain textual content, but also images, videos, and various media files that give it a unique personality. These files may be a bit large, and in order to host them all, you will need sufficient hosting space and sufficient bandwidth.

On a basic sharing hosting package, Hostinger offers 10GB of SSD storage. The optimized HD images for websites are less than 1MB, so you will be fine!

The same basic package allows you 100 GB of bandwidth per month or about 25,000 visitors per month. And with another upgrade to the packages, you will have unlimited bandwidth.

However, I think it's a shame that no package on Hostinger offers unlimited hosting. There are web hosting services that set "fair use" conditions, and it would be nice if Hostinger was one of those services.

Easy one-click installation

Follow the properties of Hostinger | best hosting

Going back to the old days in early 2010, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, installing a content management platform was extremely difficult. You'll have to open databases, set up user privileges, and configure access, and that's just the beginning.

Softaculous changed all that, with automatic installation of popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. Today, it offers one-click installation capabilities for hundreds of different content 

management systems and the Hostinger hPanel dashboard allows you to have full control and control over the "automatic installation wizard" button.

Unlimited properties

The basic shared sharing package, Single, is great to start and warm-up, but you will eventually need to upgrade. For example, when I opened my first email store, I worked two email addresses. After 

starting to attract some visitors, I needed separate email addresses for sales, support, and each employee.

When the time comes for you, the hosting service should enable you to upgrade. The advanced package needs to provide an immediate increase in resources and options, without any disruption to your site.

With premium packages and corporate packages, this is exactly what will happen. Your site will remain, and you will get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains (i.e. unlimited number of websites!), 

Unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, and others. The future looks promising in front of you, the young man who owns the website.


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