Support methods for a Blue Host | best hosting

Support methods for a Blue Host | best hosting

Support methods for a Blue Host

Free technical support

The Bluehost hosting company provides free hosting technical support service to all its clients in several different ways:

Live chat.

Toll-Free from within the United States of America.
The international phone from the rest of the world.

However, the technical support service provided by BlueHost is in English only and does not support the Arabic language. But of course, you can use Google Translate or any other translation service to 

translate the messages and if you inform the support staff that you are not an English speaker, I am sure they will understand that.

In addition, most of the company's technical support is Indian employees, given that the company has transferred its technical support service to India in order to reduce costs and recruit new employees

 in order to improve response speed and therefore they are not native English speakers because they are not their mother tongue and communication with them will be Somewhat easy.

Supports PHP7 hosting

Support methods for a Blue Host | best hosting

Bluehost announced a while ago that it supports the latest constant update of the seventh version of the PHP 7 programming language, which is known to increase performance from the previous 

version 5.6 as the code implementation speed increases by twice while consuming server resources is reduced by half compared to.

This brings BlueHost to the list of companies that offer PHP 7 hosting, such as Hostinger and Inmotion Hosting, among others.

The company has announced that all new WordPress hosting accounts will use PHP 7 automatically. In addition, all other users, whether current or new users have the ability to easily change the PHP version of the control panel.

Ease of use of hosting

Support methods for a Blue Host | best hosting

Bluehost Hosting Control Panel is very easy and it is the regular cPanel control panel, but with a simple and elegant design, Bluehost has designed it to make hosting management an easy task for you.

The control panel supports the Arabic language and you can also manage the domain from the control panel also and create databases, email accounts, subdomains, and others with ease.

In addition, you can install WordPress to host Bluehost easily from the control panel directly without the need to upload the script files to hosting or create a database or other tasks that may be difficult 

and complex for beginners.
And other features and other features that make managing your website hosting an easy task.

Free domain

BlueHost hosting offers a free domain for a year as a gift to the Dean's hosting website, so you can save about $ 10. You can register a new domain or transfer the domain from another company to Bluehost.


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