Different support methods for Hostinger hosting and hosting prices | best hosting

Different support methods for Hostinger hosting and hosting prices | best hosting

Different support methods for
Hostinger hosting and hosting prices

Different support methods for Hostinger hosting and hosting prices | best hosting

Amazing support, at your service around the clock

Hostinger offers one of the best support services in the industry. Support agents are available around the clock via chat, and after many times dealing with them, I am happy to say that they are fast, efficient, and professional.

Some of you might think the opposite way now, and say: “If this person had to deal multiple times with support, wouldn't that negate the claims of ease of use and the quality of the hosting itself?”
Full explanation: everything was working great. I just wanted to ask questions to test how they answered them, and I continued because I liked talking to them.

When working on a medium hosting service, I usually expect a few things. First, it takes me five minutes to find out contact information, usually an email address. There is a waiting period of 60 minutes (if you are lucky) before you get a response. After that, the answer is usually too long, blurry, or not concerned with the question.

Hostinger offers various things. Instead of confusing support channels with great waiting times and support agents from abroad, the company offers great and unique support via chat, along with a reference knowledge base in this field.
I wanted to ask about hosting connection and domain name, and Victorwiga was with me in less than a minute. Although Knowledge Base includes all of the explanatory videos involved, she explained to me everything I needed to know and made sure that I successfully carried out the mission.

I decided to ask the impossible, support in Hebrew, my native language. Victoria was not fluent in Hebrew but offered to translate what I write into Hebrew, and she usually does this for others. She even sent pictures of a nice puppy at the end of the conversation, and the puppies make everything better.

None of this can be taken lightly. Hostinger tries to eliminate the language barrier and makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to get support. I checked if the service was really around the clock, and it turned out to be true. Even Advinas helped me get an SSL lock:

My only drawback here is that Hostinger doesn't provide phone support. The chat looks great, but it does not match the natural nature of phone calls. People looking for real contact with a support service representative in their own language may be restricted by chat.

For those who have no problem with chatting, everything will be fine. 24/7 live support, instant response times, professional agents, puppies, and the industry's most detailed knowledge base.

Hosting prices

Different support methods for Hostinger hosting and hosting prices | best hosting

Overall, Hostinger offers great value for money. The site is a little different for every type of hosting, so let's start with some detail.

The company offers shared and cloud hosting, each with three levels of pricing, as well as VPS solutions at different prices. VPS packages will be your best friend if your business-level becomes large enough, but shared hosting will be enough for small projects like a blog or a small company website.

Compared to other hosting services, shared hosting packages are not only affordable but also very practical. Often Hostinger offers you limited time and special offers, and when that happens, your monthly cost becomes some change.

If you search in the market for domain names, you can register for a distinct package or companies for a year or more and you will get a free domain from Hostinger.

I have some experience with registration and subscription scams, I have checked the Hostinger renewal policy and found it very fair. Renewal prices are more expensive than starting prices, but they are still very reasonable. There are no hidden renewal fees, and you can always upgrade in the

 middle of the subscription period and get your remaining balance on your new package.
There are really great shows, but there are a few important things to keep in mind. Features such as SSL certificates are only included in the corporate package. You buy it once, not too expensive, and you won't have to take this into account.

The other thing in order to really get the best offers, you have to register for the longest subscription period. Subscription periods range from one month, 12 months, 24 months, or 48 months. Monthly hosting is affordable, but the announced low price is for a 48-month package.

Cloud hosting and VPS prices are other levels altogether. It's good, but it goes well with what competitors offer.

All payment methods are secured. You can choose to pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, BitDegree, or various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum.

30-day money-back guarantee

Do you know what is really easy? Lack of commitment. Try something to see if it works for you. Hostinger understands this and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means you are able to register, try the service, publish your site, manage it for a while, check performance, see results, and if you are not satisfied within 30 days, tell Hostinger and they will return your money to you. It is simple.

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