Disadvantages of hosting an iPage

Disadvantages of hosting an iPage

Disadvantages of hosting an iPage

Like all web hosting companies, there are some disadvantages to hosting iPage, such as low hosting speed, high cost of hosting renewal, and the cost of domain and lack of support for the Cpanel control panel, and we will be exposed to these defects in detail

The hosting speed is not the best

I conducted some experiments on the speed of hosting any beige and the download speed was between 758 milliseconds to 888 milliseconds, and this is a bad indication because the low speed of your site negatively affects SEO

Consequently, the number of visits to your site decreases, in addition to the slow loading of your site, which may cause 50% of visitors to leave your site if your site does not load in less than 3 seconds, and some hosting sites outperform it at the speed of hosting Bluehost

The high cost of hosting renewal

Disadvantages of hosting an iPage

Despite the decrease in the cost of purchasing any web hosting, but at the end of the period of the plan that you have purchased, the cost of renewing will increase by more than $ 8.99 in all hosting plans unlike other hosting companies such as Inmotion Hosting, whose cost of renewing the hosting does not increase.

Likewise, you cannot book hosting for one month, although most hosting providers allow the possibility to purchase hosting for a month or 3 months, such as hosting Gateway hosting.

The high cost of the domain

As we mentioned, you will not be able to recover the cost of the domain reservation if you want to cancel the purchase of any beige hosting within 30 days, but the cost of the domain is 15 dollars, which is a high cost because usually, the cost of buying a domain is less than 10 dollars only

The control panel does not support C-Panel

Most of the web hosting companies support the first global control panel C-Panel, but any beige supports vDeck control panel and although it is less well known, it is easy and simple to use, but some are used to using cPanel

The hosting is completely unlimited

Disadvantages of hosting an iPage

In spite of the announcement that iPage offers unlimited hosting, there is no hosting that provides unlimited resources worldwide so I mentioned in its agreement that it is “unlimited” only if it does not

It exceeds the number of CPU resources you allocate to your account if you exceed a certain level of CPU usage your account will be suspended

If your account contains a large number of files in excess of 200,000 emails or 1,000 MySQL / PostgreSQL tables, you will be prompted to reduce the size (or suspension).


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