Review HostMonster

Review HostMonster

Review HostMonster

There are many reviews and analyzes of HostMonster hosting online, but most are in English. A large number of readers and followers of the Dean's hosting website have contacted us regarding the defects and advantages of HostMonster.

Therefore, we decided to write this review and analysis of the hosting company Host Monster and mentioned the defects and advantages of hosting HostMonster in detail after trying it, so that you can determine whether Hostster Best Hosting Company easily or not easily.

What is a monster host?

Review HostMonster

HostMonster is a US hosting and domain hosting company established in 2005. HostMonster is the younger sister of BlueHost, as the two companies were founded by the same person, Matt Heaton.

Currently, the two companies are owned by the same parent company, Endurance International Group, which is the largest hosting company in the world, because it has acquired more than 70 large hosting companies, the most important of which are Gateway Host, Bluehost, HostMonster and Just Host.


Host Munster is based in Utah and is the seat of the EIG Group, which owns the company and also the headquarters and data center of Bluehost. HostMonster offers unlimited shared hosting as well as VPS hosting and full servers.

Host host features

Review HostMonster

In this section of the review, we will list the advantages of HostMonster in detail.
We will mention the advantages and strengths of the company in the main addresses and details of each feature of the hosting.

Unlimited hosting

HostMonster hosting is unlimited hosting as the file storage space is unlimited and the amount of data transfer is also unlimited.

In addition, the second package supports the installation of 10 sites on the same hosting account. The biggest plan is to install an unlimited number of sites on the same account.

Below, we will explain the advantages and details of each of the three host monster hosting plans.

Technical support

As we always say in hosting company reviews; Technical support experiences differ from one user to another, because hosting companies have a support team consisting of more than one person. Perhaps when you contact the company the worst customer service representatives respond to you and its time you will feel that the company's technical support service is the worst ever.

On the other hand, when another user calls the hosting company, the technical support employee is the best technical support employee of the company and solves the problem quickly and in a polite manner. In this case, if you ask this user he will tell you that this company is the best hosting and that technical support is the best technical support ever.

In general, the company's technical support is very good and fast and is presented in a polite manner, but there is still better technical support than it, such as support for Site Ground hosting or support for Inmotion Hosting, but it is still very good.


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