Follow the advantages and disadvantages of HostMonster

Follow the advantages and disadvantages of HostMonster

Follow the advantages and disadvantages

Hosting prices are low

HostMonster hosting is characterized by low hosting prices, especially when using the exclusive discount coupon from the Dean of the hosting, which deducts 55% of the value of the joint hosting

in order to get it at only 45% of its value in addition to giving you a free domain for the length of the hosting period.

This makes Host Munster one of the best hosting companies, especially for small and medium sites, due to the low price of hosting, while it is unlimited hosting.

Uptime working time is better than average

Follow the advantages and disadvantages of HostMonster

Work time or Uptime is the time your site runs efficiently and non-stop and is calculated by a percentage. If your site’s operating time is 100%, then this means that your site has not stopped completely.

As for the web hosting industry, the average is almost 99.79% and in general, the 100% rate is very difficult to achieve, if not impossible.

As for the working time of hosting HostMonster, it is 99.91% (this is the result of our research and monitoring of one of our experimental sites that uses HostMonster hosting) and it is better than the average by 0.12%.

CPanel controller supports Arabic

HostMonster uses the most famous cPanel in the world, which supports almost every language in the world, including Arabic. The cPanel control panel is easy to use and it supports the entire Arabic language and therefore it is not a problem for those who do not know the English language.

HostMonster has merged the member control panel, including the user profile and payment system, with the hosting control panel, which gives you ease and flexibility in hosting management and

managing your account as well. All of this makes it easier to use hosting and installing a WordPress blog or website on hosting.

The advantage of the HostMonster hosting dashboard is that it does not contain any advertisements, such as the iPage hosting dashboard, which contains advertisements for the company's services.

When purchasing HostMonster, you are automatically directed to the hosting control panel, which means that you can start using hosting and installing the site directly. In addition, the company sends a message containing data and hosting information to your email as well.

Install WordPress easily

The HostMonster control panel contains the MOJO Marketplace, which is owned by Endurance International, which enables you to easily install a WordPress script for free, without having to upload the script or create the database.

The free web design tool

HostMonster offers a free web design tool for its users that enables you to create and design a professional website with ease and without the need to learn to program.

Free domain

HostMonster is one of the companies that offer to host and Domino free with no additional expenses by offering the Dean of the hosting.
This saves you about $ 10, which you will pay if you purchase the domain yourself.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you decide to cancel the hosting service within the first 30 days after you purchase the hosting, HostMonster will return you all its payment with a discount for the value of the domain and

additional services (the domain will be yours for a full year and you can transfer to any other hosting as you want).

The disadvantages of hosting HostMonster

Now we come to mention the defects of the hosting company Host Munster and as in the hosting features section, I will mention the defects in key points as well.

The hosting speed is average

In general, HostMonster hosting is average performance and not suitable for large sites. This is because the hosting speed is not very good.

Speed ​​hostster

If we look at one of the factors of the hosting speed, which is known as Time To First Byte or in English, which is the time it takes for the hosting server to send the first byte.

This factor mainly reflects the speed of the hosting server and the speed of the site. You will find that hosting a host monster takes a longer time, which means that the server is slow and will affect the hosting speed.

But as we said, hosting is a good choice for small and medium sites.

There are no monthly plans

Some people may want to purchase hosting for only one or three months in order to try the hosting so that they know whether it is good or not or for any other reason. But some companies, such as Host

 Monster, do not offer monthly or bi-annual hosting plans, even if the minimum period of reservation they offer is a full year.

And if you want to try hosting, you can try hosting for a full 30 days, and if you don't like hosting, you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee and ask for the money you paid again. Or simply, you can move to another company that offers the possibility to book hosting monthly, such as A2 Hosting.

Backup is not free

There is no denying the importance of backup when any problem occurs on your site, it is your last resort in order to fix the problem that occurred.

Although a large number of good web hosting companies offer backup service for free, some do not, including HostMonster.

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