A follow-up to the most important free hosts

A follow-up to the most important free hosts

A follow-up to the most important free hosts

X10Hosting hosting

A follow-up to the most important free hosts

X10Hosting is one of the best hosting companies for free because it offers free cloud hosting in addition to that it works with SSDs. Thus, x10Hosting is the only hosting in the world that offers free SSD hosting.

Here, please note that some non-good paid hosting companies do not offer to host that works with this type of storage yet and if you want to get hosting that works with this type of disk, you may need to pay an additional cost or move to a good web hosting company.

In addition, x10Hosting offers unlimited hosting, three mail accounts, and 2 subdomains as well as a website designer and the ability to install more than 300 scripts with one click from the control panel such as WordPress, Joomla, and others.

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Hosting AwardSpace

A follow-up to the most important free hosts

AwardSpace is the No. 3 free hosting company in the Dean's hosting list of Best Free Hosting. The company provides a free hosting service for more than 10 years and gives you the ability to install
WordPress directly from the control panel without the need to install the script manually.

The drawback to AwardSpace, however, is its very limited hosting resources for hosting, as it gives you 1GB storage space and 5GB data transfer.

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A follow-up to the most important free hosts

Byet host is a famous free hosting company and many Arab users use it to host their sites for free.
The company uses fast SSD servers to host site databases, thus increasing the speed of operations on the databases.

The company offers services that you rarely find in a free hosting company. For example, the company provides Softaculous software that enables you to install the most known scripts with one click of a control panel. This program uses paid hosts only most of the time.

The company offers 1 GB storage space and 50 GB data transfer capacity in addition to the ability to create 5 databases, 5 email accounts, and 1 FTP account.

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Biz.nf Hosting

A follow-up to the most important free hosts

Biz.nf is the only free green hosting company.
The most important thing about this company is that it enables you to create 4 sites on the same free hosting account. The company offers a free and fairly short free domain that you can use .co.nf for free.

The company offers a storage space of 1 GB and a bandwidth of 5 GB. You can create one database with a maximum size of 10MB.

The company is one of the few free hosting companies that offer PHP 7 hosting. You can choose between PHP 7 and PHP 5.

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