IPage hosting features

IPage hosting features

IPage hosting features

IPage has many advantages, the first being that it is cheap hosting, easy installation of WordPress, good technical support and stability of hosting in a large way, and we will be exposed in detail to each feature

Very cheap hosting

Ipage is one of the hosting companies that offer the cheapest paid hosting, it is characterized by providing hosting at a price of only $ 2.99 per month and this cost is available if you want to buy a

web hosting for one year only and the cost drops to $ 2.49 per month if you buy hosting for two years and then become $ 1.99 Monthly if the hosting period is 3 years

Technical support is good

Unlike most hosting sites that offer low-cost hosting, but I Big offer good technical support through live chat, email, ticket, and telephone system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the technical support

service is in English and can use Google Translate when talking with technical support Which makes it easier for you to communicate with them well

Safe hosting for your website

IPage hosting features

All iPage hosting plans provide a SiteLock security suite, similar to the security frontline of your site as SiteLock helps prevent security breaches through regular malware scanning. Depending on the plan you choose, he can enter and remove malware on your behalf.

In addition, there is a firewall used to prevent any breach of your site's files through security holes that exist due to old additions to your site that you have not updated.

With the provision of daily backups, through which you can restore your site again if any damage, damage or error occurred in your site's files

The cost of hosting is really low

Most web hosting companies put on the hosting plans page that have reservation rates for 3 years, and if you want to buy hosting for one year, you will find that the cost is higher than the cost in front of you

However, hosting any beige puts the actual real cost for one year and the cost of two years and the cost of 3 years to choose what you want and you will not be surprised by the high price if you want to buy any beige hosting for one year only, unlike many other hosting companies that offer a low price that benefits anyone who wants to buy hosting For 3 years

The ability to get back the money within 30 days

IPage hosting features

You can try hosting iPage during a period of 30 days to judge it is it appropriate for you and will continue with it or you will request to cancel the purchase of hosting with a note that you will not

recover the cost of the domain that you purchased when reserving the hosting and registration fee will be deducted 15 dollars and you can request to transfer it after 60 days have passed From the date of booking

Stability of hosting by 99.98%

The continued presence of your site on the Internet is one of the most important factors for the success of any website, and all of them have decreased the rate of disruption. The hosting service

 was unique, which is available in i.e., which has a ratio of stability according to some experiences to 99.98%. 100% fully operational

 Hosting an unlimited number of websites

big web hosting offers a single hosting plan that hosts an unlimited number of domains. The number of sites hosted by the hosting company on the same hosting plan is one of the most important

advantages when searching for hosting, and it is often called Hosted Domains - Add-On Domains
And you can host all your sites on one hosting, and this is best for you, of course, by following up and managing all your sites through one control panel at a single monthly cost.

Free domain registration

When you buy cheap hosting from any beige hosting, register a domain for free for one year with one of the extensions .com, .net, .tech, .space, .online, .website, .store, .site, .club, .us, .biz, .info, .me,

 .co .org, or transfer the existing domain you already have from the domains company to your account in any beige, and with the domain transfer, the renewal will take place for an additional year for free, and this saves you buying a domain from Godaddy or Name Ship

Free website builder support

IPage hosting within the hosting control panel provides a unique tool for creating websites via clouds and bans for free. You can also create a WordPress blog or create a blog using any other content management script like Drupal or Joomla from within your site control panel easily and in a short time.

Support for e-commerce applications

Where iPage hosting simply connects with Google Apps, PayPal, and other applications that help e-commerce website owners that need to deal with secure payment transactions and there are free

coupons to advertise in Google AdWords ads and Bing Bing, but unfortunately, they are available Only for American people


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